Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 services are services based on Cloud that is designed to facilitate an organization’s business needs and help achieve their targets. These services provide high security, reliability and also enhances user productivity.

The way an organization works and the ease of doing tasks has been simplified by Microsoft 365 Services. Everything like documentation, presentations, team meetings, and entering the data can be made on these services and they have made the way one can store and access the data much easier with the features provided by them.

The applications are made to run on both 64 bit and 32 bit systems.

Microsoft Word

Word enables to create and edit documents that are rich in content. One can add media like images and videos also. Word is available for both Mac and Windows Systems.

Microsoft Excel

Excel application allows performing calculations, creating tables and graphics for Mac and Windows Systems.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint application allows a user to make presentations, slideshows, and animated slides.

Microsoft One Note

One Note application enables a user to take notes very easily and quickly along with the features like adding images, audio, and drawing.

Microsoft One Drive

One Drive enables storage and retrieval of the data whenever needed. One can store images, documents, and videos to it and retrieve them when needed.

Microsoft Access

Access is an application that enables users to access and manage database systems.


Skype enables texting, making video calls, and have meetings with team members. Many organizations opt for conducting virtual interviews also.

Why Microsoft 365 Services