Microsoft Teams Essentials

Get Microsoft Teams Essentials subscription for your customers to address the issues they face like facetime, budget and resource constraints. Teams also enable simplicity of IT infrastructure in order to connect across multiple applications.
Benefits of Microsoft Teams Essentials to Customers :
  • Enables them to become more professional, stay competitive, and expand communication technology across the organization.
  • Minimize the no.of apps use and let your customers know to not share subscriptions or paste meeting links into emails or text messages.
  • Add users, manage devices, and change security and settings for the entire company from a central location.
Who can benefit by using Microsoft Teams Essentials:
  • Small Business(less than 25 employees) using on prem office or Exchange
  • Small Business(less than 25 employees) using Google mail or similar products.
  • Small and Medium businesses of any size.
Reasons to choose Microsoft Teams Essentials:
  • Wherever you are, you can chat, meet, collaborate and make calls.
  • One can minimize cost and maximize value from your investments.
  • Simplify complex processes and everyday work on a single platform.
  • Confidently collaborate knowing that privacy, security, and compliance are not afterthoughts.