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How many campaigns and ad groups should you create?
What are different ways of targeting customers by location?
How do you find high-quality keywords?
How can you improve your quality score? (And what is a quality score anyway?)
How can you get started with pay-per-click Facebook advertising?

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Search marketing ads are seen by millions of people every day: each click only costs advertisers pennies on the low end and a few dollars on the high end — this is where the phrase pay-per-click (PPC) comes from. Ads can also be placed on other search networks (especially Yahoo and Microsoft) as well as on affiliated search and content network sites.


Pay per click (PPC) allows advertisers to bid on targeted keywords on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive relevant traffic to their websites via click-throughs. Effective pay per click campaigns begins with the account build, followed by landing page selection/creation and then the ongoing campaign


You’ve built your website, launched your campaigns, improved your Quality Scores, and met your revenue goals. Great start, but the reality of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising means that you’re not finished. In fact, PPC optimization is a process that never ends. In order to maintain performance, it’s important to perform ongoing maintenance on your campaigns.